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Welcome to the Temple of Sumer, ​a resource for those interested in learning about the religion and myths of the Sumerian peoples.

In our myth section you will see our modern English versions of the myths. We will be bringing you an easy to understand version of the myths without losing the meanings and implications that were put there by the peoples of the Ancient Near East.

This site is a work in progress and a great deal more material remains to be added to it. Much material exists from an older incarnation of the site, but as the authors have grown in their devotion and their perspectives since those articles were written, they must be checked and proofread before being published.

If you have any questions, feel free to join us in the Temple of Sumer Facebook community, which is dedicated to the worship of all the gods of Mesopotamia, and where a friendly, welcoming, knowledgeable community of people are always happy to answer questions and provide guidance,

The Temple of Sumer supports the Temple of Enki. In Sumerian myth, Enki is the god responsible for crafting all the powers of civilisation. He carries over his shoulder the two great rivers which caused the first advanced civilisation to flourish. The Temple of Enki is therefore sacred to Enki's worship, maintaining a YouTube channel and a Facebook community of its own.

The Ishtar Gate is a website aimed at providing a broad overview of the principles of the modern Sumerian faith, with articles on Sumerian gods, Sumerian civilisation and culture, and a series of devotional articles around topics like Sumerian prayer and worship, suitable offerings to Sumerian deities, and setting up a home altar.

The subreddit /r/Sumer is the home of the Sumerian and Mesopotamian faith community on Reddit. Like the Temple of Sumer Facebook page, there are numerous devoted and insightful worshippers of the Sumerian gods who participate in the subreddit, and it is a friendly and welcoming place for anyone who's looking to learn more about our faith.